About Port Jefferson Raceway

Port Jefferson Raceway is a race track for racers, run by racers. We have a reputation for having a fast track, our racers have an even faster reputation as evidenced most recently when Port Jeff racers dominated the ceramic classes at the 2000 USRA Nats in Buena Park CA.


Keith Bauer 1st - Amateur Boxstock
Jason Bauer 1st - Amateur International 15
Doug Bauer 1st - Pro International 15

Even when we're not in the winner's circle, we almost always have one of our racers in the main event.

Skinner in the over 45, "Geezer" Main

Jason C in the Semi-pro Main

But Port Jeff isn't just about wing cars. We like to make scale cars go fast, too and run a very competitive Group 10 and GTP program. In fact, one of our racers managed to do quite well for himself at the recent USRA Division II Nats, also in Buena Park.

Smart Kids Race Free Program!!!