Koford Eurosport Armatures – M199SAW


  • Wingings: various
  • Dia.: 0.459″…0.490″
  • Stack: 0.235″…0.300″
  • Long (by ballbearings): 0.634″…0.800″
  • Advance angle: 15…28
  • Arm.shaft: 1,5mm…2mm


Koford M199SAW Custom Euro arms. Winner 2015 ISRA World’s 1/24ES. Specify standard shaft or optional shaft with step to accept 1.5mm pinion. Made to order 4-6 weeks. Suggested configuration is K. H or 459 blank with long comm, .240 stack (.743 long) 20°-28° timing or .300 stack, .757 long, 18-25° timing. Other lengths available on request. The K blank produces maximum horsepower, the H or 459 blank can be used where a more drivable car is desired especially for 1/32 scale. Specify blank (K, H, 459), shaft (2mm or 1.5mm), stack diameter, stack length, overall length, wind and timing.


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