PSC 1002 Cheetah X32 Chassis Fixture


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The new JK X32 chassis fixture.

X32 precision chassis fixture sets your chassis and guide flag perpendicular to the front and rear axles. New added feature of 4 posts for locating the front axle. Be absolutely sure your car runs straight. Get outstanding performance and handling. A must have for any serious racer. Works with 2mm and 3/32″ axles. Precision Slot Cars fixtures are the only fixtures available capable of building with 2mm axles. We also stock 2mm axles and 2mm Set-Up wheels exclusive to Precision Slot Cars. Works without removing the pans. Included with the fixture are 8 stainless steel dowel pins for the front and rear axles, 5 stainless steel dowel pins to hold chassis, 1 bolt, washer and nut. Measures 3 1/4″ x 5″ x 1/2″ Corian. This chassis fixture is also designed for the European rules of slot car racing. Patent pending.


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