Smart Kid’s Race Free Program

1021 Portion Road Suite 12
Ronkonkoma, NY, 11779
CALL: 631 696-7721

TUES-FRI 1pm – 10pm
SAT 11am – 9pm
SUN 11am – 6pm

Here is a great way for kids to earn free track time while in school: for every 90 or above on a test, you will receive a half-hour of free track time. For every a, e or equivalent on your report card, you will receive an hour of free track time.

Please read rules carefully!!


1. A 90 or above you will receive ONE HALF-HOUR of free track time!
2. All tests must not be more than two weeks old!
3. All tests must have a date!
4. Homework and work sheets do not count!
5. You will be re-tested on your tests to make sure you know your work!
6. Anyone caught cheating on a test or this program will not qualify for
this program again!
7. You must own your own slot car!
8. One test per person per day!
9. Be prepared to use track time when you submit your test!
10. Test must be yours!

Report cards

1. For every A, E, or equivalent grade you will receive ONE HOUR of free
track time.
2. You must own your own slot car!
3. You must submit your report card within two weeks of receiving it!
4. You will receive coupon tickets for your report cards!
(So you can use them whenever you want)
5. Report cards must be yours!
6. Maximum of five hours track time per semester!
7. Parents must be present when submitting report card! No exceptions

Note to parents

PORT JEFFERSON RACEWAY is proud to present this program. We have had
great success with this program over the years. We hope your children
will enjoy and benefit from it!